Monsoon Season

Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory but also the smallest and most northerly Australian City. Being so northerly it becomes the gateway to South East Asia such as, Indonesia and East Timor. Having a tropical savannah climate with very distinct wet and dry seasons, with the average maximum temperature being similar all year round.

– Dry season being May – September which nearly every day is sunny and warm with a humidity around 30% with very little rainfall. Last year during the 147 day recorded time 5 May to 29 September, Darwin recorded no participation whatsoever.

– Wet Season being associated with tropical cyclones and monsoon rains, with the majority of the rainfall happening in between December and March. Although it does not rain all the time during the wet season, thunderstorms are common and afternoon humidity averages 70 percent during the wettest months. Most days are warm but with many cloud coverage. November tends to be the hottest month just before the onset of the main rainy season, because of its LONG dry season.

Climate wise, Darwin as more in common with Singapore than Sydney only due to the fact the cities sit in a tropical zone.

23 August, it has rained here in Darwin almost forgot what rained sounded like due to the fact I had not seen it in the three months of living here. Now for a fact I have experienced all of what Darwin has to offer here, from Litchfield – Kakadu National Park now to the ‘Pre-monsoonal’ Season.

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