Cairns – The Great Barrier Reef

Fourth day here in Cairns and still adjusting to the city life after being in the Outback for three months, but am liking it very much. The next step is finding a flat share. A fellow couch surfer has given me a very good website though so I emailed an enquiry to them but being the weekend, they are closed so will have to wait for Monday. will report back on how good their services are and give a proper review on them later.

Cairns is very beautiful, I can not get over the views of The Great Barrier Reef it is truly magnificent – always have to pinch myself to remind myself that yes I am here. I can not wait to scuba dive and sail the Whitsunday’s.  I have found the local sailing club and learned that there is casual Wednesday sailing, so I must twist my arm and go for a sail then. If I could and had the money I would buy a boat and live off it. Now that would be the life.

Story Time:
Formation of the Great Barrier Reef
Long time ago back in story time the Gimuy Walubarra Yidinji people tell that the land went all the out to the cliffs edge and at the cliffs edge was the sea. One day a hunter went fishing for his people with his two wives, but he was unlucky, as he could not catch any fish. At the bottom of the ocean he saw a fish, but this was the sacred fish. He …knew this was the sacred fish but he was hungry and his family would be hungry too. He threw his spear in the water and it hit the story fish. The sacred fish splashed around. He was very angry to know that someone would try to kill him so he splashed and the spear broke off in his tail. As he splashed he made the whole sea rough and he caused it to rise, trying to catch the hunter who speared him. The Hunter went back to the cliff and started to run. Back on land the seas chased him and his wives. They climbed to the top of the mountain with help from his people and their story time legend Dumarri. They heated up rocks and threw hot rocks into the seas trying to stop it from rising. The rocks today are still out there in the ocean known to us today as The Great Barrier Reef. The sacred fish still has the spear stuck in its tail. This one we know as the stingray. He keeps the law of the sea. The sea still remains were it stopped all those thousands of years ago in the bay of Cairns.

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