Bungy Jump Cairns

Everyday do something that reminds you you’re still alive! Bungy Jumping was born through the vision of a young Kiwi and adventure seeker, AJ Hackett.

AJ was inspired by the concept of vine divers from Pentecost Islanders in Vanuatu, that first tested his courage by first leaping off the Greenhithe Bridge in 1986 attached to rubber strands. After much testing, refinement and extreme jumps, AJ had launched Bungy to the world by leaping off the Eiffel Tower in 1987 and opening his first commercial Bungy site in the world in New Zealand in 1988.

Cairns, the first international purpose built Bungy tower was soon opened after in 1990. Now AJ Hackett international operates in 6 different countries while celebrating the culture of Bungy and offering many extreme personal challenges like no other. Now operates in Australia, China, France, Germany and in the Late 2013 proud to announce and adding Singapore and Russia into the family.

The Cairns Bungy Tower, standing at 50 metres, is nestled in the world Heritage Rainforest and overlooking the Great Barrier Reef and only a 20 minute drive North of Cairns CBD.

Their Bungy cords are all made onsite by their own Jump masters, ensuring the highest quality cord standard at all times. Each cord is checked and logged daily against its own unique identifier and are ONLY used for ONE THIRD of their regulated life!

Did you know each cord has a breaking strain of 2.2 tonne? that is the size of a car!

The Cairns Bungy site was built with visitors in mind where they have purpose built viewing platforms, the latest tunes pumping through the site, sun lounges and a licensed bar…

Choose your jump style: Swan dive, BMX, Water touch, Flip, Roof Jump, Tandem, Costume or Blind ford.

New jumps to add to my Bucket List –

Macau Tower (China) 233m/764ft

Normandie Viaduc (France) 61m/197ft

Queenstown/Auckland (New Zealand)

Sochi Pod (Russia) 200m/656ft

Sentosa Island (Singapore) 47m/154ft

And once again my fear is let go, free to live….

After Bungy Jumping, Hannah and Jas and I went with Peter where he dropped us off at the beach, gorgeous finally I got to see a beach in Cairns. Hung out at the beach for an hour and then we decided to head back to the CBD but the bus was well we weren’t sure when the bus was coming so we decided to hitch hike. Made a sign reading Cairns and we were picked up by a truck driver. My first experience of Hitch Hiking and that is now a possible way of traveling.

After arriving into the CBD, booked my skydiving with Adventure Travel Bugs

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