Living Cairns

Have arrived and adjusted to life in Cairns pretty well I would say, it is good to be back in city lifestyle. I now have my own place, home as you may call it thanks to cairns sharehouse as it was getting difficult finding a place on my own via Gumtree although it had only been five days l have been looking, but I really couldn’t have stayed with my duty manager for much longer, I needed to be on my own and meet people outside of work so I can then enjoy my working holiday. The follow travel stores already know who I am, places such as wicked, global central, happy travels, backpackers world travel and adventure travel bugs.

Already been to a Cairns couchsurfing meet on Tuesday night – great way to meet people.

Awarded to Katelyn, who we hereby certify has overcome all fear and instinct by laughing in the face of gravity and bungy jumping from a 50 metre tower. For this we commend their bravery! Completed this act of sheer insanity at the AJ Hackett Cairns site in Australia on September 6, 2013.

Next act of fear facing is and will be Skydiving, and cheers to Dan from Adventure Travel bugs Cairns to getting me a pretty sweet deal. $395 +dvd and photos.

Then Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef – I know what it may seem like I am doing a lot in only a week of arriving into Cairns but trust me it still does not cut the surface of all the wonders and sights I can do and see here. Which I am saying I have plenty of things to keep me occupied when I am not working.

On another note, work has been going just well, although I do not think I am getting a whole lot of training within the hotel because one, they have known to an extent that I have worked with IHG and Holiday Inn before and assume I know it but to be honest I do, but not when it comes to this hotel’s ways of doing. Besides that I have been loving the work and I am still excited and sad that it is only for six months – because I have a feeling six months will go by pretty darn quick. Quicker than the three months in Darwin. I am not trying to cut down Darwin, I love Darwin and have met many wonderful people but the place was tough to live being so excluded from everything. But I did like the fact it never rained while I was there because right now being in Cairns it has been such a lousy week of showers here, next week shall be better *knock on wood* it better be for The Great Barrier Reef.

I am meaning to go to Target or somewhere to buy a cheap bike for me to get around, as it is a twenty minute walk to work but having a bicycle will make it only a 6 minute cycle ride.

Decorating hanging pictures on my walls to make it more home feel. Much better room than what I had in Darwin, staff accommodation.


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