Skydive Cairns

Woke early to catch my bus out to Mission Beach where there we waited patiently for our turn. After lunch, I am surprised I ate lunch. But maybe that helped having food in my stomach. Got geared up and onwards to the bus to take us to the plane, 14,000 feet high above the skies. I was reminded to keep breathing, I can not describe how the feeling was up in that airplane. it was an unreal experience but oh my gosh so worth it. As I was getting to the opening of the plane, I was like oh my god I am doing it. I literally just put my head back to Ryan’s chest and faced the camera and off we were. Not looking down was the best thing NOT to do. Afterwards during our free fall I was memorized by the views of the great barrier reef, I literally have no words to describe the experience. Except to DO IT! No Regrets!!

my tandem guy (Ryan) and me over the Great Barrier Reef
my tandem guy (Ryan) and me over the Great Barrier Reef

This by far has topped my Australian experience. I am truly living the life!! I was even given the ropes, manoeuvring the parachute around and around. All caught on video as well.  I can seriously leave Australia tomorrow and be happy, but we both know that, that will not happen.

Truly an amazing experience, so ecstatic!!!

Must give recognition to

Adventure Travel Bugs (Dan) for giving me a good deal for this experience