River Rafting Cairns

Australia’s best white water rafting, Raging thunder down the Barron River.

This was the most serious waver I have ever signed in my life. I would like WiFi at my grave so people would visit me often and the song, S club 7 Bring it all back to play at my funeral. This past week has been a very extreme from Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Rafting and Snorkeling. This is the life!

Barron Gorge is 20 minutes from Cairns and taking two hours white water rafting through Grade 2-3 rapids. You will get west! As you float down the river… all in all it will be a fun afternoon adventure.

Make sure you have secure footwear, Towel and swimmers, dry clothing, waterproof sunscreen (but make sure you do not put any on the back of your legs as it just makes you slippery and that can be unsafe when in the raft), Your voucher, cash or cards (but no cards) make sure you have cash, no jewellery or watches and medication that you normally take on your trip. But be aware that for your safety you will not be permitted on the raft if they detect that you are under the influence of drug or alcohol, no refund will apply.

Barron River half day Raft is two star challenge with two star duration and grade three rapids. Raft surf the mother in law rapid and try not to get sucked in.

Have you Done it? Yes ladies and gents, I wore my Contiki Shirt – although the other people did not know what contiki was. who does not know what Contiki is these days? but I did my job, being the voice of Contiki. I can sleep at ease knowing I have made an impact and put Contiki in new peoples head.

Another item checked off on my bucketlist, I just might have the majority if not all of my bucketlist checked off and completed by the time I return back home to Canada. That feeling of accomplishment is amazing. Now what’s next to do? oh yeah Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef.


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