Living In Cairns

I now have snorkeled in the Red Sea during my Egyptian travels and this time I have found Nemo swimming around the Great Barrier Reef. Gorgeous experience motoring out to the Great Barrier Reef with some funny crew members, which always helps making the tour well spent for the amount of dollars you spent.

Ever since arriving in Cairns I have been well fed and taken care of, by this I mean I do not have to pack a lunch to go to work because employee meals are provided. That will lesson my grocery load, less food I have to carry back home.

Last week we tried to go hiking but we got rained out, finally got a successful beautiful sunday arvo to climb Walsh’s Pyramid with Matt – A couchsurfing friend I met here in Cairns. Crazy how open you become when traveling solo, you are more likely to meet heaps of people. Defiantly not to shy away from opportunities.

Now have a full sharehouse with a good mix of nationalities, went out last night to have a few beer and mingle, get to know one another. Great way of living overseas, renting a room in a sharehouse – quick and easy  way of meeting people, and worry free about electricity or water bills. I will recommend Cairns Sharehouse to others.

It does not feel like I am on a holiday, but maybe because I am working part time and actually living in Australia – mingling with the locals. Well almost because there aren’t that many locals as most of the people I have been meeting are other backpackers Locals do not tend to go out a whole lot as backpackers do. Locals are hard mix to pick out of the crowd, unless they are the aboriginals. But stay way from those people. If you don’t bother them then they will not bother you, I would say.

I have three more tours booked as open ticket not sure when to do them, I have Fitzroy Island, Cape Tribulation and Whitsundays booked. Whitsundays I will do when I leave Cairns and head south towards Sydney. Fitzroy Island I am debating on doing it This coming weekend, as I have Saturday and Sunday off, making Sunday my do nothing day but relax. It feels funny to do nothing but relax, it feels like I should be doing something. I don’t know it is just a different kind of do nothing relaxing when on a “holiday” – back home in Canada  I would be bored and wanting to get out. But here no, I don’t want to get out but just enjoy the atmosphere. I am getting spoiled here in Australia I think. Trying to space out the tours, but still doing them because that will help me achieve better in my job as knowing the local area so I can recommend stuff to my guests on what to do and see while visiting Cairns.

Just another relaxing sunday, even though its Monday for me and doing the laundry and grocery shopping. Think I am all settled in – First day I can get settled into my sharehouse. Been a busy couple of weeks, Nonstop fun! With having Tuesday Nights Couchsurfing gathering to break up the week, to get out and mingle with others.