Capture the Colour 2013

I have been nominated by Miranda and Dylan from Endlessly Changing Horizon, fellow travel bloggers who I have met from Edmonton before I left.

Nominees who choose to participate must post 5 photos, each of which focuses on a particular colour. The best photos of each colour will then be selected by a panel of judges. Here are ours:


IMAG0356This is from Kakadu National Park and looking back through my photos this Aboriginal Rock Art adds to the richfulness to it. Rock Artist wasn’t for just anyone it took great detail and talent to paint on these rock formations.


whitespainWhere ever I end up traveling to, I can not escape snow. Traveling on the Contiki Coach through Spain to our next destination, I wake up and open the curtain to look outside and what do I See? none other than Snow! Snow in Spain. If you have ever been to Alberta, Canada you would understand when I say, I travel to escape.


whiteThe more you travel the more appreciation of your home country you become.


IMG_4715True blue, The Great Barrier Reef. You can not get anymore blue then this. Yes that is a real Clam down on the bottom of the ocean floor. Amazing!


greenTrying the local Grub In a new Destination.

That is how good I am being the voice of Contiki I do not even know when I am promoting it! Can you spot the Contiki?

Want to enter the Capture the Colour contest? It’s easy, all you have to do is write a post, and include your 5 photos, nominate 5 other bloggers. The over all winner will receive  ₤3000 for a travel fund. Make sure you tweet your entry to @travelsupermkt and tag the tweet with #CTC13, and have a look to see the official rules.

Who do I Nominate?

Two Canucks on the loose from Toque and Canoe

Audrey & Jack from Travel footprints

James & Jason Norris from The Travel Bros

Justine Williams from for the love of.

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