Sailing in November

Be very oh very jealous my friends because  I have sailed in November, now not many Canadians can say that they have done that. Considering we have winter 10 months out of the year. Best $15 I have ever spent – Just walk down to the Cairns Yacht Club on a Wednesday afternoon and set yourself up on a boat. I even got to be skipper, sailing downwards.


Since my time here in Australia I have sailed in Fannie Bay/ Beagle Gulf and the Coral Sea/ The Coastal Waters of Great Barrier Reef.

Gettin’ tangled in my desires, Cruisin’ on the seven seas by one country at a time as I travel the world.

Back home I sail on a Columbia 8.7m but yesterday I sailed a J24 and it was fabulous – I haven’t felt so refreshed in so many months. Wonders what the freedom of the sea can do for you, Lets one worries sail by leaving you worry free and refreshed.

Now you know what would be cool to tell people, I have sailed in December. That is my next goal.

It’s pretty cool when people ask if I am experienced and I can say yes and tell them well I sailed in a jack and jill race and placed third place, won me a bottle of wine. and I achieved my white sails 1, 2 and 3 while sailing fun races every Wednesday night. So yes I am experienced.

The Coastal waters of Great Barrier Reef is a little more rough, choppy then what I am used to but all in good fun. I was skipper leaving the protected area as we were sailing downwards and I think I handled the boat really well, had the rutter in my left hand and the main sheet in my right hand and every time it got rough I would push the rutter towards me and let the main sheet out, all while maintaining my course line to the mark to make the tack.

Great fun, can’t wait for next Wednesday when I can do it again. I negotiated with my Front office Manager to have Wednesday off and by means I would do a split shift on Saturday. I am getting quite good at negotiating as well.

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