Tully River Rafting Cairns

Great location, beautiful scenery and the utmost fun you could have for a full day. But do still be careful as it is still a extreme sport.


Nothing like the Barron River half day rafting but if you want a nice and easy, safe intro into  Rafting then the Barron River you should do.

45 Kilometres north of Cardwell, Tully lies to the left of the highway and slopes of Mount Tyson where the average rainfall can be 450 cm, the highest in Australia. The Chinese has first settled in the region and pioneered banana plantations here at the beginning of the twentieth country, and now it is the stopover for white water rafting day trips. Although the town is nothing special and just consists of triangle of narrow streets with cultivated lawns and flowerbeds backing onto roaring jungle at the end of Brannigan street.

In the early year 2011, Cyclone Yasi flattened the area.

Always nice to get out of Cairns and see the region, as I live in Cairns and every time I adventure out I am in amazement every time, thinking to myself. I can not believe I am here or what am I doing here, am I really here? That is how breathtaking the scenery is here in Australia. Despite my other issues with Australia, where I will not go – will save that for another post for another day. Or maybe a book because we all know I have enough to write a whole book on that issue, ha ha!


Here we go again, another rapid after another. The best value that money can buy, white water rafting. You will work your all your muscles, legs, arms, thighs, abs… you name it!

 with compliments of Raging Thunder – Foaming Fury!


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