To be a backpacker or not to be…

Spontaneous road trip Mission Beach this weekend, where we got to feel like backpackers again. Staying with absolute backpackers hostel. It’s weird I have not been feeling like a backpacker in the whole six months living in Australia. Maybe it does not help the cause that since arriving in Australia I have been working full time in the hotel industry. So yes with only being in this gorgeous country for two weeks I had landed myself a job. Benefit of making hospitality a career, there is jobs everywhere.

Finally I was able to spot some wild kangaroos and even got to see a Joey, quite a few joeys in their pouches.

Always magnificent to see the ocean, it can truly take ones breathe away. It is truly a pinch me kind of moment, to make sure yes I am really here seeing this magnificent views.
Mission beach is a popular tourist destination and would be defiantly one of the most unique and picturesque sections along Queensland. The lifestyle portrays it as a relaxed village lifestyle with vast accommodation choices to choose from, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. The world heritage rainforest & nationals parks of mission beach are home to the cassowary (Which are now endangered species). Visitors should keep a watchful eye out for these beautiful and rare birds. Mission beach is a fisherman’s dream with the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding islands.

This is a pretty fancy meal for backpackers staying in hostels.

The best part about traveling is finding the local markets on the weekends, this will truly give you the real atmosphere of a place and make you feel like a local – giving you the real experience…

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