Christmas in the Tropics

I see Christmas, from the hotel decorations to the city of cairns decorations inside the shopping centre to the outdoor streets but yet I do not feel it.

First Christmas without the snow and cold, instead of bundling up because I am freezing I am taking layers off with it being just too hot. This is just not Christmas, where am I?

I wear flip flops (thongs), shorts every day and walk out the door sweating. Taking water everywhere I go, so I do not get dehydrated.

One tip I do have for those traveling to Australia does not matter what season in the tropics, leave the long pants at home.

Where did they find these trees? They aren’t grown here. But ironic there are palm trees in the background around the Christmas tree.

Christmas is defiantly a national holiday, because they are playing songs as winter wonderland here in Australia and yet there is no winter, shouldn’t they have their own Christmas music regarding the correct season? It is misleading.

This is what winter wonderland looks like.

Happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy Christmas….

Tis the season of giving, give back to those less fortunate. Like I did with my old clothes, went as a donation to the Philippines from the latest typhoon. And I am sponsoring a child in Ecuador.

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