The Key to your own life

It’s that time of year when one thinks back of the year they’ve had and remember how life changing it was. Well I can truly honestly say it was for me. Yet I still don’t know who I am but the light at the end is clearer and brighter and I now know what I want in my life.

I am now holding my key to my own life. It took a while to find it but I now have it.

You have only one life, one shot, make it count and with no regrets!

The hardest part of traveling is leaving the people You have met behind, getting attached is hard.

When I arrived into Australia I did not have a plan, I sat back and let it guide me. Surfers Paradise for the first two weeks, even though I wasn’t job hunting I was. I had made so many connections via LinkedIn, I just emailed them saying I’m here – and that’s when Darwin called me so I jumped. It’s easier to get a job when you have a job. Now Cairns has been my home for the past six months and it truly has become my home. Even though it has been a struggle – it’s been worth the struggle to get where I am. I’ve opened up, allowed people to see who I am and be less scared to touch the water. The war is over.

Holiday inn is my home, away from home. As much traveling as you do like me, you need that familiarity to run to even if it for a night.

Where to next:
Cairns – Townsville
Townsville – airlie beach (Whitsunday’s)
Airlie beach – Mackay
Mackay – Fraser Island (rainbow beach)
Fraser Island – Coffs Harbour
Coffs Harbour – Sydney
Sydney – Melbourne
Melbourne – Adelaide ….

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