Fraser Island

Welcome to Fraser Island; become one with nature as you camp just off the beach – it is sensational waking up to the sunrise, sound of the ocean. It is absolute an amazing experience. Dingos will surround your camp but will not harm unless you fall asleep on the ground without the proper precautions. Pretty scruffy looking dogs – dingos are! Keep your food locked away or you will have it eaten by the Dingos – is that right, Mick! Lol! 🙂 good thing it was the last day.

Let’s go 4WD……20140214-104617.jpg Why go to Fraser Island – there are five lakes on the Island and three villages with shops; for that 4WD experience to be more …

Day 1; depart Frasers on Rainbow hostel after packing up your 4WD and lead trailer; and boys word of advice help out and don’t let the ladies do all the work …Now let’s Set out and drive to the edge of rainbow beach where you catch the ferry onto Fraser. There the beach driving begins, while switching drivers throughout the day so everyone gets a turn to drive. By this time it’s lunch so making a stop at Happy valley (one of the three villages on the Island)! 20140214-105935.jpg
20140214-110039.jpg20140214-110053.jpg20140214-110104.jpg Day 2, set the day off right by 4WD in one of the oldest rain forests in Queensland to get to lake Mackenzie to have a swim in fresh water lake; should have brought our shampoo haha lunch at Lake Mackenzie20140214-121131.jpg followed by some bush walking – bring water with you! 2k walk either way so approximately 30 minutes both ways to get to this: 20140214-110634.jpg20140214-110644.jpg It was one heck of a walk but as soon you arrive at the Sand dune and lake wabby. it was so worth it; the beauty just sweeps you off your feet! enjoy it, live it and experience it!
walk down the dune, run or roll but if you do run and roll be careful it is a steep hill and it’s shallow for the first feet before it falls deep. After you climb in the water and get adjusted to the cold, now just Sit still in the water and the fish will come up to your feet, the same fish spas use to eat away your dead skin on your feet. Feet felt refreshed afterwards. By this time it is time to head back to camp and cook dinner – and then the Goon comes out boy i hate the stuff

Day 3, cleaning up our campsite and got it ready for the next group. Then made our way to “hangover creek” walk to the top and float all the way back to your vehicle – so perfect and relaxed. Spent the morning there – Make sure you put heaps of sunblock on because the sun will get you – especially on your lips. My lips feel warm. I’ve never felt a sunburn on my lips before, and let me tell you it sure feels weird having your lips on “fire” Should have brought my blistex lip balm with uv protection.
Had lunch again at Happy Valley with the little food we had left before heading back to Rainbow beach! 20140214-115327.jpg What an amazing experience, three days is perfect. Oh how I’ve missed camping, and to say I’ve camped in February that’s unlikely to do especially if your from canada!!! Thanks RBAC ❤ (rainbow beach adventure company)

note: not for people who have a fierce phobia of spiders or other outdoor activities!