Beer Revolution: Edmonton

For many like myself I did not realize this new place existed until i kept on driving by and was curious what this restaurant was. I always knew this location to be the Kelsey’s restaurant back in the day – and while sitting in the restaurant I can’t tell you if it looks the similar layout or not. Is  it the fact I can not remember because I have been away for a year or they did that good of a job to redecorate. Either way the decor is charming and has a unique style to it but a little dark never the less.  Kind of depressing in my mind.

Beer Revolution is a craft beer and pizza bar.

Their menu’s are made out of cardboard so either they are trying to cut costs or trying to make a new style trend.

Pricing is not cheap.

To start off with some snacks we have Truffle fries ($9.00), Pizza spring rolls ($12.00), Bavarian Pretzels ($10.00) and nachos ($20.00).

Getting into the salads and soups we have crab cake louis ($16.00), sausage gumbo ($9.00) and panzanella ($13.00).

For Sandwiches we have the well known Revolution burger ($16.00), or gravity burger ($16.00) and the normal guy sub ($15.00).

And of course the pizzas.

We have Newton (black mission figs) $20.00, Armin ($18.00), Furious Pete ($19.00) which is quite spicy in my opinion but all around delicious. And Junior boy ($19.00) following Everyday normal guy ($18.00).

There are many more pizza choices.

Not in the mood for pizza, try their House cranked links menu. Spicy Italian, skillet with roasted potatoes ($18.00) or on a bun with fries for ($15.00). Also have, Vietnamese Hmong which is a skillet with roasted potatoes and baby carrots ($18.00) or on a bun with fries for ($15.00).

Of course It can’t be Beer Revolution without the beer.

They have all their beers on the TV screens on the wall which is a creative, convenient way to showcase the beers you have while highlighting which ones are on special for that evening.

Beer on Tap:
choosing a size of 16oz or 8oz.

From the brewery you have Brewsters (Jimmy’s easy summer ale), Hitachino nest (white ale), Sam Adams (Boston Lager), Wild rose (electric ave. golden lager), Krombacher (pilsner), Beer Revolution (Peach fuzz wheat ale and Lucky penny lager), grizzly paw (beaver tail raspberry ale), and Anchor (California Lager).

Besides the decor and the food of the new restaurant in Edmonton. The Customer service is something else.

First, you seat yourself and the waitress will come to you. It may take a while, but once they recognise your a new patron they come right over and handout menus while explaining how to order the beers off the screen.
Tip: Order a beer and Snack right then.

Second, You Never know which waitress is yours as everyone is running around in ciaos, assisting every patron. Kind of feels a little disorganised.
Tip: Stack your dishes on the side of the table, to show them you are waiting to leave and want the bill.

In the end I would have to give Beer Revolution 2 stars out of 5… And the 2 is based merely on how delicious the food was.

The Arts District – Edmonton

Whether you are into culture, food or entertainment in the heart of Edmonton there can be found something for everyone. Among the hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs. Either way you will find yourself walking through the visually striking swirl of glass, steel and zinc that is the Art Gallery of Alberta; the oldest of the cultural institution in the province, showcasing Alberta Art from 1924 to the present. Being a Hotspot, City Hall in the centre of Churchill Square and next to the tall clock tower is a wading pool for cooling off in the summer or for practice those figure skating moves in the winter. Either way the Heart of Edmonton has something for everyone to enjoy, but you must let your mind be wide open. And if you can do that, who knows what you will be able to find.

I recently returned back home to Edmonton from a year living in Australia, and coming back has allowed me to open my mind and see the beauty the City of Edmonton. So here i vow to you this summer, to get out and See Edmonton and share, to show you Edmonton!

Just close your eyes, but keep your mind wide open.

On the weekend my friend and I taking the LRT from Stadium to Churchill Square, LRT fare pp $3.20. As you walk down The Arts District and come across 104street, this quant stylish street with a few Artsy style restaurants and decor there on your left hand side: The Blue Diner.

The atmosphere is chilled, relaxed with a mixture of blue, orange and red wall colours with servings of great delicious food – where you can have a margarita pizza in a sandwich style with yummy sweet potatoe fries and a nice cool Iced Tea drink.

What also makes The Blue Diner so chariable is the fact that it gives back to the community by showcasing their Mealshare program – so when you purchase a menu item with the mealshare logo next to it you provide a meal for someone in need just by enjoying the food you love. As Mealshare donates to one of their charitable partners enabling them to provide a complete meal to someone in need. Just as simple as that.