“Sugar Shaker”

When I was living in Australia, and visiting Townsville which is approximately a four hour drive south from Cairns. The Holiday Inn had their local population nick name their hotel “Sugar Shaker.”

Can anyone guess why?


Okay I will tell you…. it looks just like how our Chateau Lacombe Edmonton.

Although Holiday Inn Townsville has twenty three floors; our Edmonton Hotel located downtown over looking the River Valley – North Saskatchewan River has twenty four floors; making Chateau Lacombe taller.

What you may not know:

  • City of Edmonton’s only revolving restaurant, La Ronde offering beautiful views of the city’s downtown core and the River Valley (North Saskatchewan River).  Rotating every 90 minutes.
  • Hotel named after Father Albert Lacombe,  who was an Oblate missionary and pioneer priest in the late 1800s.

When I was traveling overseas and fellow travelers asked where I was from, of course I would say Canada. But when they ask me whereabouts, no one knew of Edmonton (the Capital of Alberta). So here this summer I am finding reason for tourists to come to our beautiful City by putting us on the map, so when I travel overseas again people will know where Edmonton, Alberta is.

I am learning new things about my city myself; so here I share with you.

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