High Level Bridge Streetcar

Strange isn’t it… when we live in a city and forget some of the touristy things to do in our own city. With the amount of times I have left and come back to this city, I can say without a doubt that Edmonton is actually not a bad place, it really does have potential.

View from Top of the High Level Bridge

The High Level Bridge streetcar starts running the first Friday of May Long weekend to the long weekend of September. Giving the tourists and locals the opportunity to travel with The worlds highest street car river crossing, taking you from Jasper Avenue to Whyte Avenue.

Taking you back to the old days traveling by train. Can you imagine the only way you could have gotten down to Calgary was by  train and that would have taken five days. Nowadays it only takes three hours, what a difference in time makes.

The High Level Bridge Streetcar society has four double ended streetcars capable of operating on the lines of City of Edmonton. Although only one car will be used but the system provides for the use of two cars on busy occasions. The four types of double ended streetcars are:

Edmonton 33 (1912)
I have been on this streetcar.

Osaka Japan 247 (1921)

Melbourne Australia 930 (1947)

Hanover Germany 601 (1970)
I have been on this street car.

On the route from Jasper Avenue to Strathcona, the Streetcar passes many historic sites such as: Replica of the first station in Edmonton Built in 1891. The City’s oldest community garden. The original location and end of Calgary Trail. The only tunnel on the CPR east of the Rockies, and the site of ferry crossing to Fort Edmonton.

It is maintained and operated by the voluntary members of the Edmonton Radial Railway society.


For more information: www.edmonton-radial-railway.ab.ca


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