MS Walk 2014

Good Morning folks, It turned out to be a gorgeous day for a walk around the river valley of Edmonton. The rain stood aside until after which was very kind of it to. 2K was such a short distance so we kept on walking to the 5K turnaround point and turned out to be the perfect amount of distance for that day.

10364109_665449126837617_7630228965308102593_nAfter the 5K turn around point we were heading back around back up across the bridge but instead we decided to make it a work out and run the stairs. So we ran the stairs up around the Edmonton Balls.

Not sure what I am saying about these Balls, well they are silver and they are a pile of them into a triangle. They probably symbolize something in this city but I am not sure what.

10294462_649001178482412_2118373596991959777_n I found out that this is Edmonton’s most expensive structure, the Talus Dome. One thousand gigantic silver balls, where it has been described as a bag of marbles, a pile of rabbit poop, unused construction material. Talus comes from a geological word that is referred to the accumulation of gravel at the base of a cliff.

“We started to think of it as more of a pile. It refers to the kind of construction you might see along the freeway in Alberta, or a pile of sugar beets, or a natural accumulation of gravel or sand.”

Designed by Los Angeles Artist; Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues.

If you want to read more about them: Meet the Talus Dome

Now let’s get back to the MS Walk. We the Mighty Saviours raised $615.00 dollars in our first year and we are hoping to surpass that goal for next year for our 10K walk because even though 5k was the perfect length, we could have kept on going. But we decided not to over do it the first year. It took us just little over an hour to walk 5k.

If you would like to join our team next year, all you need to do is send me a message. Or if you can’t walk with us you can always donate which I can direct you in the right path to donation in supporting us to walk for MS and help end MS. Every step matters.

It really was a good day, I really enjoyed myself and will keep on doing it again as the years come by. It is a great way to get one with the community and see the beauty of the City of Edmonton through the River valley as that is one of our many signature marks the city has to offer.

1798680_665449156837614_4144289208534004884_n Now why do I walk? well each year I learn someone new I know or meet that has MS, so you can say it is close to my heart  this disease as many friends and close friends have and I want to do my part in the community and society to give back what I can. Life is better living when you can give.

See you May 2015…. xoxo

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