The Canadian Rockies Part II

Saskatchewan River Crossing meets the two rivers, Howse and the Mistaya. The North Saskatchewan River is one of Canada’s outstanding heritage rivers – rising in the Rockies and emptying in Lake Winnipeg, is a major west-east link across Canada facilitating exploration, trade and settlement for more than 100 years from explorers to fur traders that first travelled the area in 1807.

Saskatchewan River Crossing

Lake Louise which in turn was named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta who was the fourth daughter to the Queen Victoria (1848-1939) and the wife of John Campbell, the ninth duke of Argyll and the Governor of Canada (1878-1883).

Lake Louise

The hamlet is separated into two communities, where the main community is referred to The Village that is the lower elevation near highway 1. It has a small shopping centre which includes a park visitor centre, grocery store, bakery, deli, sporting goods store where the ski area is located. The second community is the higher elevation where the chateau Lake Louise with the gorgeous turquoise Lake Louise from the rock particles (rock flour).

The turquoise colour of the water comes from rock flour which is carried into the lake by melted water from the above glaciers that overlook the lake. The lake is surfaced of 0.8km and the water is drained to the 3km long Louise Creek into the Bow River.

Banff Springs Hotel

The Majestic Banff Springs Hotel (Fairmont) located within the town of Banff. A luxury hotel built in the 19th century located in the spectacular setting of the Rocky Mountains, just above the Bow Falls and close to the Thermal Springs. The main view from this majestic hotel is across the valley and towards Mount Rundle.

A old wise tale has this Banff springs Hotel haunted with stories suggesting a woman dressed in her wedding gown had lost her life on the staircase. As there were candles on the staircase when the bride was walking up to them when suddenly her gown caught fire and in a panic she tripped and fell down the stairs, dying from a broken neck. Where many people have reported seeing her ghost in full wedding dress, often dancing in the ballroom.


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