Edmonton Is Lighting up…

Edmonton is one of those cities where not many people think it is cool, or a beautiful place to visit. I have come across travelers who have told other travelers, do not bother with Edmonton it is a gross city, with high murders, etc. Well ladies and gents I am here to show and tell you… Edmonton can surprise you and give you a shock of your life. I know it has for me since I have returned home. But I find the more times you leave your home and travel the world, and come back home (it is always nice to return back home after traveling, it give a sense of homely feel to your life) That it opens your eyes that much more to the city around you and yes there are heaps to do and see around this gorgeous city, it will amaze you. I know it has for me and it continues too.

I bet most of you did not know Edmonton is the capital of Alberta. That’s right folks, Calgary is not the capital. Edmonton is, also known as the city of champions. Now there is two perspectives on why this city is called the city of champions. for many it goes to say that we are the city of champions because we have the best sports teams, and our hockey team was once back in the day very good at winning games. Another side to the story on why we are called the city of champions would have to date back to Black Friday 1987 when the tornado hit the city. we fought back after the storm and rode together to build back the city.

Muttart Conservatory and Downtown in the back light

The Pyramids of Muttart conservatory all lite up at night overlooking the skyline of downtown. Muttart conservatory is a plantation which is home to many plants. each pyramid showcase a different region; tropical (Escape to a lush, humid oasis that represents tropical grassland and rainforest.) which reminds me of my home in Australia. Temperate; Discover plants from five major types of environments around the world. Arid; You will find plants from the hot and cold deserts of the world in this pyramid. and the last but not forgotten. The Feature pyramid, Providing new experiences, this pyramid changes exhibits completely 5-7 times per year.

Highlevel bridge all lite up at night.
Downtown Edmonton all lite up.

Edmonton by night reminds me of Brisbane, QLD Australia. These two cities have river running through their cities. They both have a riverboat that rides that river. Although only difference Is that Brisbane riverboat Is more of  water taxi dropping you off at different points around the city so you can easily get around. Brisbane and Edmonton has a lot similar attractions to travelers, not many people see it and think these two cities are not worth the visit. But remember folks, travelling the unbeaten track always surprises you and sometimes you find that gem that someone else has forgotten to see. So keep an open mind when traveling, you will never know what you find.