Cooking with Gordon Ramsay – Melon & Berry Salad

With given the chance to eat Mr. Ramsay’s Food in London England, it was the utmost delicious mouthwatering heaven I have ever ate. My all time favourite dish and still to this day would have to be his Lobster Ravioli. I can still taste it when I speak of it. That is how fabulous it is, and that is why Gordon Ramsay is the all time ultimate master chef in the world.

Even though I have yet to meet Gordon Ramsay, he has very much inspired me to love food and cook with passion and love. And One of Mr. Ramsay’s tip that stays with me is – cooking with colour, adds flavor!

So here I challenge myself 3 months to master Gordon Ramsay’s 125 Super-fresh & Healthy Appetite recipes for a High-Energy life.

Cookbook: Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy Appetite. A 125 recipe of super fresh for a high energy life.

I will learn how to Steam, Poach, Stir-fry, Griddle, Roast, Sauté and Braise…

Recipe #1 Melon and Berry Salad

rich in vitamin C to boost your immunity.


Halving your melon’s. Add each component individually to make sure have that consistency in size, mixture and texture.

  • Cantaloupe first into the large salad bowl
  • halve your honeydew – make sure you are halving the melon’s the same size for that consistency.
  • when adding the honeydew, start mixing each individually so you can get that right mixture component to the dish.

Now for your Berry component to the dish.

  • 10 oz (300g) of mixed berries.
  • mix in your blueberries – again making sure you have that right consistency with your melons, mix individually.
  • then add your blackberries and raspberries.

Giving that consistency, with the right mixture and texture of each fruit.

Now for the final touches:

  • Grate the rinds from the lime and orange over the salad
  • after you get that zest of flavor from the rinds, cut the lime and orange in half and squeeze a little over the fruit.
    • I only myself squeezed and cut 3/4 of each lime and orange as I wanted everything to compliment each other evenly

Now for the last touches:

  • drizzle 1-2 tsp of honey
    • making one circulation movement around the dish
  • Then sprinkling over shredded mint.
    • The smell of mint is refreshing and calm, a nice touch to finish off your Melon and Berry Salad.

Now the final, last thing is to place the salad bowl into the fridge and let it Chill for 5-10 minutes  prior to serving.

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