Experience of a Lifetime.

Every desires change in their life but always unsure how to implement it, because either we are too scared or we just keep putting it off. Well no more waiting around, now is your time to expect the experience of a lifetime and come back a changed human being.




The big decision on when you do decide to travel; where do you go. A few things to consider when choosing: Do you want history and diversity? Hostels or Hotels? Summer or Winter Travel? How Long?

Europe has the architecture, history and calm pace. Best accommodation are hostels, they’re not only cheap but their more fun.

Australia, the life down under is more modern living but very calm pace – stress free. Either hotels or hostels, both are suitable for traveling down under.

Middle East has the diversity, culture shock. But you mot defiantly want to stay in hotels.

North America compared to Australia is more fast pace and stressful, but there is diversity in this modern living. You’d enjoy most of your time in hotels.


Money can disappear fast, it is a matter of fact. In that case it’s important to plan out your week, days in your travels. Not only will it limit the stress, and in return will have more fun, and can do those quirky moments; like skydiving.

Did you know that the Number one expense in traveling is, Flights? In that case, knowing your time of season and month would help immensely, and knowing what days to fly are considered the best, so therefore consider Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Next costly expense would defiantly be your accommodation, more than if you decide to travel the Hotel lifestyle. Make sure you read reviews from all sources from other people’s experiences, will help get a real life picture.

my tandem guy (Ryan) and me over the Great Barrier Reef
my tandem guy (Ryan) and me over the Great Barrier Reef


There is no better feeling than to experience the world at your feet, it helps you grow and change you in so many ways than you can ever imagine.

So when you do finally return home; your hometown will be seen in a new eye and perspective, you’ll see the potential is always had. Guilty! Always looking forward and not seeing the true beauty of a destination. But that in fact has changed since I have started seeing the world and experiencing the different cultures at my feet. This experience will open you up, and give you a new perspective, sight on life.

It will have given you a new found confidence that you knew you had but it was hiding inside. If you are unsure how to unleash it, I suggest jumping out of a plane once or maybe three times. Once you do, it will be like you are on top of the world and nothing can push you down.

So you just got home from your round the world month long adventure, you saw 15 countries and met so many wonderful walk of life. Saw things that made you cry, others that made you smile and happy. Now your back home, what to do! Continue on that change, make good in your hometown and continue to travel.