New York, New York – Where it all began…

I remember my first trip to New York like it was yesterday but really It was nine yeas ago,  4 years after the 9.11 attacks on united states soil. And now after 13 years I am returning back to where it all began – the city that sparked my travel, the city that gave me the opportunity to see the world.

New York stole my heart once, can it do it again or will i find my heart? 

“Fool me once, same on you. Fool me twice shame on me.”

Financial District – Running of the Bulls New York Style.

Remembering my first trip to New York as if it was yesterday, when I was eighteen years old traveling with my mum, her best friend and her niece, and of course my menopausal aunt.

Landing in New York at Laguardia Airport, realising where I was a tad bit exciting and then taking the subway into the Island of Manhattan. Making the first place i got to see upon arrival into Manhattan was Harlem. Not many’s firsts choice but now I am thinking about it, not sure why we got off at Harlem, most likely because we were lost and figured it be best to walk and find our direction. So walking down the streets of Harlem with our suitcases dragging behind us making it obvious we were tourists. So yes we were lost and to be truthful Harlem is not that scary of a neighbourhood as people were friendly and willing to guide us in the right direction. We finally made it to our Hotel, the Holiday Inn across from Madison Square Garden.

Holiday Inn Across from Madison Square Garden

Turned out we had one too many people for our hotel room, so Lori decided to go around the corner through the coffee shop to get in and around the lobby to enter our room. Getting settled in the Big Apple, we started walking, walking and did some more walking and I remember our days starting at 11am and ending at 2am. Which is a reasonable time to be visiting and being in New York as you would get the best of both worlds, seeing the city during the peak hours of the day and non-peak hours – giving a full on experience.

This was also when i fell in love with the New York Yankees, after taking a stadium tour of their old home before it was demolished. Which is actually pretty cool to say none the less. Hey guess what i stood inside the old Yankee stadium and i was apart of the history. Whats the point of traveling if you can brag about your Moments like these that make you appreciate life. Thinking about it nowadays, I do not think i fell in love with the Yankees but rather then the idea of being in such a the vibrate city full of culture and diversity. Getting that rush of openness, freedom and the culture of a new place, experiencing something new and to the start of my Travels.

What all did i see and do; times square, central park, trump tower, the fashion institute, 9.11 memorial site as that will be the day i will never forget. The moment in time when i was speechless, had no words:  As I was walking around the buildings to the once place the world trade tours sat to only come to see this giant hole of open blue sky in the middle of new York city. I still do not know to this day how to describe that moment as i am still speechless, lost for words and deep sadden for all those lost life’s. Makes you realise how precious life is truly is and how you should live each day never regretting and if there is something you have always wanted to do, then you should do it. Nothing should stand in your way.

Only in New York where you can watch street vendors selling DVDs as these movies were pirated. And how did i know they were pirated because the biggest hint was seeing charlie and the chocolate factory in the bunch and being a huge Johnny Depp fan., I knew that movie was not out on DVD yet. Although it was still funny to watch because every time a police officer rode by on his horse the street vendor would pack up his belongings and walk away. And as soon as the police officer was no where to be found the vendor came back and continued this procedure a few more times, It was quite amusing to watch.

There are some remarkable buildings in the heart of Manhattan. Such as the Empire state building which we were up there way past the closing time because the workers wanted to talk to Kelly Madden. After all she did make the gorilla suit, the famous King Kong that climbs the Empire State. Set aside, King Kong is not the best part as the views are magnificent, and to see every landmark from high above and to seeing where the titanic would have docked if it had continued on with its journey. To see that you are in doubt surrounded by water in every direction and only the edge of the horizon facing you, pretty spectacular.

open skies in the middle of New York 2005.

New York is The City with Everything, The City of opportunity and the city that never sleeps.

Thirty-Four days and counting, My boyfriend and I will be visiting Rockefeller Centre  Christmas tree light up, Jimmy Fallon, Maze by Gordon Ramsay, the UN, Carriage ride through central park, Go straight up to the top of the statue of liberty, see the breathtaking skyline of New York from one of the romantic spots in all of the city; Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Times Square. Pay a moment of silence for the millions of lives we lost 13 years ago at the 9.11 memorial.

But mostly will be sharing the love New York brings with my boyfriend, and showing him the Big Apple that made me fall in love with travel and this city.

New York; where it all began, and where the journey will continue…

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