Ever since i could remember I have had a Bucket list, stuff i want to see and do around the world. And I think it keeps your life’s perspective fresh and open in how you see your life and the world around you.

Since my return from Australia in 2014, I’ve  checked off many items that now I have decided to chill down in one place and enjoy the next part of life’s journey! I have been set on seeing and experiencing Edmonton, to gather a new look and make this city mine. If you allow yourself to open in a old destination, you can see the beauty and the city sets.

Bucketlist #56 Checked Off. 

On Saturday I had my first chance to experience what most Edmontonians get to experience, When the entire Province North to south comes together. The Battle of Alberta Hockey game – Edmonton Oilers vs. Calgary Flames! Even though the Oilers lost, the atmosphere was quite the experience – from seeing the Red, Blue and Orange to hearing “Go Oilers Go” from “Go Fight Go.”

Now you see how this country is built with communities that come together to enjoy a long time pastime – Hockey!

Moments that make you smile are the ones worth experiencing, those are the moments to live for. Keep Enjoying, living and experiencing! xo