The Beginning

My first knowledge of my Travel Bug. I was a wee little Baby in Frankfurt, Germany.

I am 27 years old and I was born and passionate to Travel the World. Being to a new country, city gives me the confidence and new outlook to life. So when I am not traveling, I work in Advertising – a world where you have to think outside the box.

Half of the fun is getting there, the other half of the fun is how you get there.

“Not to take the road you think has been set out for you, taking a Contiki trip is a chance to get out and experience life…outside of linear thinking.” — Brad Ford,

Some travel highlights and moments I’ve got to Enjoy and Experience:

1. Finding Nemo on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean (The Great Barrier Reef).

2. Skydiving 15,000 feet high

3. Trying exotic food around the globe.

4. Riding a Camel in Egypt

5. White water rafting

6. Walking the streets of London England

7. Ring in the New Year in Paris, France

8. Work and Live In Australia

9. Visit New York

10. Tour Around Spain








3 thoughts on “The Beginning

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  2. Hey Kate – We just read your post on northern Aus. So cool (except for the croc — scary!). We wanted to comment on it, but didn’t see a section…great blog, though! And we look forward to following your travels! Cheers, Jill at Road Warrior

    • thanks so much. yeah it can be a little intimidating with the crocs, unsure how close you can get etc.

      and about the commenting on the post, I just checked and one actually go into the post as the initial viewing is just viewing only.

      cheers, and look forward to reading about your travels on your blog and facebook page..

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