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Thank you for your interest in Advertising or Sponsoring Katestraveling.

Katestraveling is a Travel Blog to showcase the world at ones feet and what they can find and see, while inspiring people to chase their own dreams while I live mine. Our site is aimed at providing insight into travel destinations, tips, guides and personal stories.

Officially launched in 2010 and growing rapidly and continuing to expand, with an audience from various social media platforms and through the website.

Sponsor the Life as a Gypsy.

Sponsoring all or parts of our trips or allowing us to review your product, accommodation, or service not only gets your product in front of a targeted audience through the website but also allows us to try things out on behalf of our readers so that they can be better informed and make better decisions when choosing travel-related services.

Advertise on the Life as a Gypsy.

Not only does online advertising gives you the ability to target your marketing efforts directly at your audience, but by advertising on blogs specifically you will be working with writers who really understand and connect with their audience.  You can choose from either Contextual link ads, Banner ads, and Sponsored posts.

If you would like to advertise or sponsor this site please email me for current rates: dmgrl21[at]gmail[dot]com

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