Destination Guides

The world is a small world even though it looks so big at time. The more people we meet from Germany, France, Greece, Australia, England that big world gets  a little wee bit smaller.

“its not the destination, its the journey they say” – Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Greece – Santorini, (2007) There are two ways up, dockey ride or the lift. We took the lift as we didnot have that much time. Rented a car, quad and moped. It was actually like it was in the movies. Walking around the island on the walking paths, beautiful! We tried to find a winery but as there was no signs we werent able to find it, so we had to use the Tower from within the town to guide us back so we wouldnt miss the ship.

Mykonos, (2007) – Rented a Moped. Brother and I took a ride up to a local beach and laid in the sun for a couple hours. Beautiful.

Athens, Greece – Saw the olympic stadium that was neat to see.

Katakolon, Greece

Corfu, Greece

Turkey – Kusadasi (2007) If you are going to be shopping in Turkey, get ready to bargain, bargain, bargain. My Father bought a tshirt and later that night we got in the elevator aboard the ship and another fella had the same shirt but got it for cheaper. So make sure you are getting a good deal.

Italy – Civitavecchia,

Roma, Italy

Naples, Italy

Pisa, Italy

Ischia, Italy

Venice, Italy

Livorno, Italy

Cruising around the boot of Italy.

Monte Carlo, France

Alaska, USA (90s)

Valdez, Alaska 

Tok, Alaska

Yukon – Gold Panning in Dawson City – (90s) Theres this section of creek where they allow visitors to spend up to three days, no longer to pan for gold and they even bring dirt that has possible gold in it from nearby digging site. If you pick up the piece of gold and if it *dings* in the pan then you have a Nugget. On our Tour we took, I ended up getting the nickname, Klondike Kate!

Yellowstone National park

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota 


New York, New York – Manhattan – Went for my 18th birthday. arrived into New York, took the train to the island, and ended up stopping in Harlem (during the day, good thing!). Seeing Ground Zero though was breathtaking and actually took your breath away, you walk around the corner to the site and you just bam see this HUGE open space in the middle of the island….. still no words to describe it today!

On that note, a little funny story: we were sitting in Apple Bees (almost got away with drinking a alcohol drink…dang so close!) anyways, Lori and I were sitting near the window looking down watching a guy sell illegal dvd’s and i know it was illegal because i saw charlie and the chocolate factory and it was not out yet… shame on them! But the funny part of the story, whenever a Policemen would ride by on his horse, the guy would pack up his DVDs and walk away and come back and set up again when the Policemen was gone, he did this 3 or 4 times during dinner. It was Priceless entertainment. After dinner the guy was still there and talked my Aunt into buying some DVDS, she did. Next day we went to the Financial district and the Boy scouts were there and they bought movies to but for cheaper, so my Aunt just got screwed. If you are going to buy illegal DVDs in New York be sure to know where to go to get the best deal.

San Francisco, California

Santa Monica, California

Baton Rouge, Lousiana

Los Angeles, California 

London, England

Paris, France




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