Spanish Spree Contiki

So easy to get hooked on Madrid that blends traditional culture with new vitality in everything from shopping and food to arts and culture.

Took a tour of the royal palace with a local guide, got to see how the other half lived and not bad – but having that many rooms I wouldn’t know what to do with them all. From there we headed north to Segovia with its roman aqueduct & alcazar (castle) before continuing onwards to Bilbao – the home of the Guggenheim art museum.

Bilbao to San Sabastian where we took a polar plunge in the atlantic ocean, and I thought it would be a little colder than how cold it really was. Lost my sunnies in the Atlantic ocean when a wave hit me, but oh well how many can say oh yeah I lost my sunnies in the Atlantic ocean. Had lunch at a Irish pub before climbing aboard the bus to drive to Pamplona – the home of the running of the bulls festival. Where we also had dinner and drinks with Hemingway.

Early morning onwards to Barcelona but first making a quick visit to soak up the baroque city of Zaragoza.

Seeing why Barcelona – the sexy city sizzles with seeing sites as Christopher columbus statue, Picasso museum, Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia & the 1992 olympic games complex. While walking through the Gothic Quarter &; La Rambla district.

Valencia – cruising down the orange blossom coast, the capital home to the Holy Grail.

Continuing west to the once moonish city of Granada where we see the medieval cathedral & bell tower. Taking a trip back in time in this glorious city that’s full of atmosphere & soaked in history. Exploring the fabled palace while feeling the lively culture on the streets and sampling some tapas & real sangria.

Drove through the costa del sol coastline and the Sierra Nevada mountains to make a stop in Gibraltar, a British colony before arriving in Sevilla. Where we took a taxi tour in Gibraltar onto the rock and a scenic drive past Marbella & Malaga – visited some monkeys along the way on the rock of Gibraltar, one sat on my head.

In the lively city of Sevilla, visited the cathedral and ate lunch on a rooftop over looking the cathedral. Visited alcazar & plaza de espana in Seville and some of you would recognize the plaza de espana from the most common film, star wars the attack of the clones – that is planet Naboo.

Next and final stop before Madrid, cordoba where we will relax in some cordoba baths (Arabic baths)

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