Going Country

I just realized that this year twenty-twelve has been all about the country girl in me as i was walking outside to the LRT from Rexall place after attending the River City Round Up (Canadian Finals Rodeo) on this snowy cold winter evening in Edmonton.

they even gave a shout out to the Holiday Inn Conference Center for providing the riders rooms for the duration of the Rodeo – How cool is that, hearing your place of occupation over the PA at a major event in Edmonton. Well i think it is.

Later in the year, in the rainy summer months in Calgary – i attended the 100th Calgary Stampede. That was cool being my first time to the stampede but not so much fun going at it by yourself and only getting to spend half a day with your friend from Australia who was in town on a Contiki. But that is life for ya, got to live life with no Regrets and I did because I did something I wouldn’t normally do… I zipped lined!!

Now you ask which was better.

Calgary Stampede hands down was way, WAY better. Calgary is all about the country and cowboys, and where Edmonton is only the wannabes in the country department.

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