Edmonton on a Sunday

First weekend of a new month and the annual spring craft sale was happening at the butter dome near the university. While the weather is overcast with light flurries and rain. So perfect weather to attend a craft sale indoors with at least five hundred plus booths of food, clothes and little trinkets for sale. Besides the fact it costs you five dollars to park your vehicle into a controlled parking lot patrolled by volunteers and then again paying five dollars for an entrance fee. There goes half your money that you would have spent inside buying craft items. All this time I am hoping that the money goes to some beneficial charity. Why on earth would they charge you to enter the craft sale, as it just limits the amount of money spent inside. A little unnecessary I think.

Bur lets take a look on what else there is to do on a chilled, overcast Sunday in the city. Lots!

  • Coffee at the near by starbucks with a friend.
  • Browse the West Edmonton Mall
  • Catch a movie at one of the many movie theatres in town
  • Try a unique, quant restaurant in town that you have yet to try
  • Visit the local recreation centre (run on the treadmill, go for a swim, or join in a gym activity)
  • Alberta Art Gallery

And to give you A few other websites to check out to show you what else is happening in and around the city:


http://www.urbanspoon.com/ To find those quant yet unique restaurants that you have not seen nor heard of as of yet.

http://www.yelp.ca/edmonton People telling other people their opinions on certain activities, restaurants in the city surroundings.


Have fun in Edmonton!! xoxo

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