Couchsurfing Meet Up

March 19th I attended my first Couchsurfing Meet Up at Sherlock Holmes Pub downtown Edmonton. Located down a cute side street, taking you away from the atmosphere of the City of Edmonton and making one believe that their not in Edmonton but still being in Edmonton.

Not known for one to go alone to a Meet Up to a pub/bar to meet a group of individuals that I hadn’t met before, but again I do travel across the world and travel with strangers, but strangers that soon become friends. So how is that any different? I do not think it is but it is a different atmosphere. Although traveling across the world, one jumps out of their comfort zone alot sooner and quicker than one is at home. The best thing is meeting people from all walks of the globe.

After attending i really felt like myself and I hadn’t felt like me for a couple months now since being back from Europe and the Middle East. It was exactly what i needed a night out networking and meeting new people, and if i make acquaintances then thats even better. Even though I couldn’t stay too long past ten because i had to work.

Similarity: it is like a Contiki tour meeting people for the first time and having the same interest in travel having a good time enjoying each other’s company as if we’ve been friends for a while even though we just met.

It can be a little intimidating at first but if one does not put themselves out there then who knows where you will go or end up if you do not try. It is a world of networking out there, its a peoples world out there about who you know.


join today, and have access to a worldwide network of other travelers, hosts and monthly meet up’s.

One thought on “Couchsurfing Meet Up

  1. Exciting you got a chance to go to a CS meetup – it’s always great to meet more travelers. If I wasn’t so busy this week I probably would have gone, maybe I’ll get to the end of the month one if they have one.

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