Only thing in Canada that can put a stop to peoples lives is not just snow but A LOT of snow. And today we saw that, started early this morning of March 21, second day of Spring around 6am while i was at work. It started with the hotels in the surrounding areas taking in distressed passengers because the flight to Grande Prairie was cancelled due to the weather and then the flurries rolled into Edmonton around Four o’clock in the morning while i was doing my final exterior round of the Hotel parking lot, and by 7am the snow was picking up. slow moving on the QE2 heading home and quite slippery but hey guess what i never use my brakes once, the perks of driving a manual.

I am super lucky I got home….


A huge accident involving 100 vehicles happened just south of Leduc and in result not only closed down the highway but caused 300 injuries. Not all major, mostly minor.

Only a Snowmageddon can close down a major highway like QE2 and Anthony Henday (the ring road around the entire city).

And to end it all I can say is.. Welcome to Spring in Alberta!

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