Discovering Los Angeles with Contiki Holidays

1. Scenic Drive through the City.

  • Mann’s Chinese Theater done See…. Johnny Depp and I are a match, I got to touch his Hands 🙂 *stars in eyes* … sigh!! haha!!!
  • the “Walk of Fame” done There is so many stars on the walk…..
  • Drive along famous Sunset Strip done
  • Visit Santa Monica & Venice Beach done  You either love or hate Venice Beach and be aware you will see people dealing drugs or smoking them. As soon as my Tour Manager mentioned that and I got off the bus, guess what i saw…. yup someone just smoking joint down the sidewalk. I wouldn’t say I hate Venice beach because Hate is a strong word but I did not find that I loved it. It was dirty and it was a different atmosphere compared to the rest of the city. 
  • See Rodeo Drive and Melrose Avenue done

2. Scenic walk through downtown.

Get an insiders look into what makes Los Angeles, well LA on a walking tour of downtown with “Mike the Poet.” Very in depth walk of the historic of downtown Los Angeles and great way to see it and learn, hear what you are looking at. Afterwards the day is yours to explore. Either check out the new “L.A. Live” entertainment venue, visit the Grammy Museum or see more on an optional ‘hop on hop off’ tour of Los Angeles. 

  • Grammy Museum (Next Time)
  • Hop on Hop off Nice way to get around Los Angeles, besides the fact you have to wait for the bus and it can be while if you are there to catch the last bus of the day. Tip: Taxis are expensive and their hard to grab!!
  • Hollywood Behind the Scenes Tour (Next Time, but I do not remember this being an option on my Tour)
  • Movie Star’s Homes tour Not worth the money. Only home we were able to see visibly was Courtney Cox & David Arquette’s Home. Other than that the home’s weren’t that fabulous on the outside – I am sure they are much more glamorous inside. They should run tours that go insides their homes, now that would be better. Instead of just seeing Beckham’s Chimney and Jennifer Aniston’s. Beverly Hill’s is just another neighbourhood in the city of Los Angeles. Oh and do not get me started on Orlando Bloom’s house. Oh my word – those people are paranoid!!! But again I can see why they would be and i probably would be to, to keep the public from prying into my life.
  • Universal Studios 1Day/1Park Tip: Get to the park as soon as it opens and make your way to the ticket line to purchase a ‘Front of the Line’ pass – it is well worth the money because once that park gets busy in the afternoon you’d be waiting in the rides line up’s for a very long time. Jurassic Park ride was the best – probably because you got soaked at the end of the ride and that helped being a HOT summer day in Los Angeles. My favorite part was the Universal Studio Lot Tour. Oh man that Lot is huge!!! They film everything there. Got to go on the Desperate Housewife set :), that was cool!!! Only place where you can go from New York City to the Wild West in matter of seconds!!! 
  • Disneyland Transfer with Park Hopper Tip: do not miss the shuttle back to the hotel. Or you will be spending $100 for a taxi to get you back.
  • Disneyland Transfer with Pick a Park
  • Hollywood Pub Crawl The most fun you will ever have on your Contiki Tour is on this Pub Crawl that is included. There are four bar stops, where the last stop is the most fabulous nightclub you will ever go to in your life. I felt like a Hollywood star that night on my Birthday being at this club – ‘Drai’s Hollywood.’ The view from the rooftop club is glamorous and the Pool… There is so much to say so lets just say its definitely Hollywood’s Hotspot!!  
Extra Tidbits to do in Los Angeles: 
  • Tonight show with Jay Leno Greatest birthday present to myself, free tickets to the taping of Jay Leno. July 29, 2011 taping with Emma Stone. We were sitting right across from the band. It’s a small studio – looks bigger on TV, but again what doesn’t look bigger on TV, Everything!!!
  • Rent a Car Easiest cheapest way to get around the City of Los Angeles. Even though you make think buying gas is not cheap – it is well worth it. Compared to taking taxis and the hop on hop off tour bus. This way you can the flexibility to go and come where ever you please.
  • Newport Beach Oh…. I could live there!!! Fabulous. That is all I have to say!!!
  • Pasadena Tunnels (Next time)
  • Beer Pong in Glendora with Friends ❤ – drinking all that beer at the end of your Contiki tour is a lot, i was exhausted after my tour and that beer did not help. It just made me crash and sleep like a rock!! But i still found time to go to the Contiki offices in Anaheim!!!
  • Griffith Observatory If you are into space science then this is a must stop for you, Pretty cool!!! And great views of Los Angeles. They have telescopes out that allow you to see specific plants, etc depending on the night.
  • Hollywood Sign Not as fabulous as i thought it would be. It is just a sign that reads Hollywood on a mountain, where it used to read ‘Hollywood Land.’

I was not sure why I did another four day tour because it is never long enough but i am glad i did this tour because it really showed me the city of Los Angeles. To be honest, I do not see the big deal, big hype over this city. Yes, it is where all the “Hollywood Stars” live but really that is all the hype the city has. I wouldn’t rush back to see Los Angeles now that I have had a in depth visit with Contiki Holidays. Time to see what the hype is about in other parts of the world ;)!!!!

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