Chapter Nine: Nisku – Holiday Inn Express.

For the past nine months I have been living inside a chapter of my life, and for the past week it has been coming to the end but I did not know how to end it…. Until Now!

Remember, at the end of each chapter there are always lessons you have learned. Where some you might regret and some that makes you stronger. Although they will always make you stronger. And never regret anything, life is too short. Nobody’s Perfect!

Lesson from Chapter Nine: learning just how much confidence I really do have. Although I can not give myself all the credit because I did have some pretty awesome strong individuals surrounding myself. It is all who you choose to surround yourself with.

It’s not good bye, It’s see you later. I had fun getting to know you all and working with each one of you.

Never regret your past. It is what makes who you are, so embrace it. There will always be those in your life that will try and bully you down to the ground but stand your ground – and know when it’s time to leave. Just make sure you still have your integrity, do not let one take that away from you.

Next….. Chapter Ten: Edmonton Holiday Inn — Moving up

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